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Prospect Management

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton


Prospect Management is one of three key modules under the tenancy management workflow. It focuses on delivering a specialized solution for the management of leases as part of revenue streams for commercial landlords. It includes the management of tenants, lease offers as well as temporary occupation licenses. 

The module manages the entire lease prospecting life cycle, beginning with prospect registration, vacancy search, negotiation, management approval, formal offer/ quotation, and ends with final customer acceptance which creates a lease record in the Lease Module.

Key Features

Some of the key module features include:

  1. Easily locate suitable units for prospective tenants with powerful vacancy search functionalities; units with special conditions like reservation and first-right-of-refusal from existing leases will be blocked.
  2. Prioritize prospects with a Priority Queue System.
  3. Track history of offer terms and conditions during negotiation stage.
  4. Configurable approval hierarchy.
  5. Automate acceptance with an Acceptance Items Checklist that tracks the submission of documents and payment of deposits by prospective tenant.



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    Is this the same as prospect management in the CRM module ? 


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