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Access scheduled reports (CM03)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton

Communication / CM03

Simplicity permits administrators to schedule a custom report which auto-runs at a specific date and time. The results can be posted to users via email or SMS enabling the user to pull data for review.

Note that the current limit of scheduled reports is set to X. If you would like to schedule more than X reports, please contact our team.

To examine automatically scheduled reports, repeat the following steps:


Step Process

1. From the homepage, go to main menu

2. Click "Communication" Communication

3. Click  Scheduled Report Output

5. From the list of available reports, click the relevant view-black-16.png field 


Untitled1.png  All existing reports visible in the database can be exported to Excel XLSX, Word or CSV formats. mceclip0.png



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    Warren Hamilton

    Is there a limit on the number of scheduled reports? 


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