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Generate Reminder (CM02)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Communication / CM02

The Reminder function allows users to broadcast reminders viewable by selected or all positions. You can use it to configure any reminder type (e.g., system maintenance, system upgrades, notes to using the system, etc.) to be broadcast in the “Reminders” or "Task Inbox" tab in Home Page on the chosen date.


A Reminder/ Follow Up task can be set as either a Reminder or Follow Up type.

  1. For a Reminder, a do not follow up action is required to close the task.
  2. For a Follow Up type, the users is required to set a due date, and provide a follow up remark before the task can be closed. Days overdue will be computed to track overdue task.


The system allows tasks to be assigned by:

  1. Role(s), and/or
  2. Position, and/or
  3. User(s)

    Note that any of the task assignees can follow up to close the task. By default, the task is generated from and tagged to a lease or license module only.

Step Process

1. From the homepage, go to menu option

2. Click Communication

3. Click Reminder

4. Click Create New

5. Select the reminder date from the dropdown calendar.

7. Select the user that will receive the reminder.

9. Enter the position example: 'Administrator.'

13. Include the desired message.

15. Click Submit

16. Click Save



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