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Generate an announcement (CM01)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton

Communication / CM01

The Announcement Module allows users to broadcast messages viewable by selected or all positions. You can use it to configure any announcements (e.g., system maintenance, system upgrades, notes to using the system, etc.) to be broadcast in the “announcements” tab in Home Page.

Untitled1.png  To generate a system-wide announcement select the "Viewable by all" checkbox during announcement creation


Step Process

1. Navigate to   2. Enter your use credentials Login Name & Password

1. From the homepage, go to menu option

2. Click Communication

3. Click Announcement

4. Click Create New

5. Click into the text field Announcements

6. Type in the name of the announcement. ex. "Sample Announcement"

7. Select start announcement date from the dropdown menu.

8. Select end announcement date from the dropdown menu.

9. Click this checkbox - if to be viewed by all. 

10. Click "Save and Close"


To view existing announcements filter through the existing database. All announcements can be exported in Excel or PDF format. 


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    Warren Hamilton

    Can you send announcements to tenants? 


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