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Generate and Configure existing Reports (00)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Communication / Report Generation Request

Simplicity allows organizations to easily develop and customize Spreadsheet Reports and Dashboard Charts for their individual installation. Although data is primarily drawn from the Simplicity database, the system can also access all other ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) compliant relational databases.

  • Build/modify your own online Spreadsheet Reports and dashboards.
  • Integrate with business intelligence analysis software.
  • Schedule automated delivery reports in Excel (csv) or PDF formats via email

Untitled1.png Users have a choice of producing reports in the Spreadsheet format as well as exporting the data to Microsoft Excel or PDF formats.


Step Process

1. From the homepage, go to main menu   2. Click Communication
  3. Click Report Generation Request 
4. From the range of available reports, click the <eye icon> field on the relevant one.

5. Filter through the list by selecting the appropriate option from the left hand menu.  

6. Click  View Report

Screenshot of: Click here.


Untitled1.png All existing reports visible in the database can be exported to Excel XLSX, Word or CSV formats. 


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