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Vendor Debarment Lifting

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Supply Chain/ Introduction

The Vendor Blacklist Removal function allows allows users to remove blacklisted vendors from the blacklist. Once the vendor is whitelisted they will be allowed to sign new leases, licenses or contracts or submit financial transactions. 


  1. Existing Vendor in the system.
  2. An existing Vendor with Debarment set up. 

Step Process

  1. From the homepage, go to module menu option.
  2. Navigate to "Supply Chain > Vendor Debarment Lifting".
  3. Click on ”Create New”. For an existing entity, select the blacklisted vendor and fill in the reason for removing the vendor from the blacklist. Click on "Remove vendor" and click on ”Submit for Approval” when done.
  4. For a new entity, select "Add Vendor" and provide a reason for this change. Click "Submit for Approval" and prompt the approver for a 
  5. Once the customers blacklist is approved, the system will transit the record to an “Approved” status, and add a new blacklist record in the customer blacklist history. The customer will be flagged as blacklisted from the blacklist start date.


  1. Users submitting customers for blacklisting approval are required to provide a blacklist start date reason for blacklisting.
  2. The System permits users to select a non-blacklisted customer for blacklisting. Please not that a customer of “Miscellaneous” Customer Type cannot be blacklisted.
  3. The customer can be removed from the blacklist using the Customer Blacklist Removal function. 
  4. Once Customers Blacklist Removal is approved, the system shall transit the record to “Approved” status, and update the customer blacklist history with Blacklist Removal Date based on approved date, and un-flag Customer as blacklisted after Blacklist Removal Date.

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