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Supply Chain / Introduction

A Vendor record represents an account used to track all dealings with a specific vendor including contracts and financial transactions. The record can be created by a user once specific privileges are defined however, system users will be prevented from adding vendors that have already been submitted to the system's database. Each vendor is identified through a unique number identifier such as an individual identity number (eg NRIC) or business registration number. In addition, the system will collect business specific information including VAT registration Number, Date, Company’s registered address, preferred correspondence address and preferred correspondence mode like Email or SMS. 


  1. A Vendor can be classified in to the following types:
    - Miscellaneous type (usually used for ad-hoc transaction, also known as “One-Time Vendor)
    - Individual
    - Corporate
    - Sole-Proprietorship/ Partnership
  2. The system permits users to set up default AP Posting Accounts, Payment Terms, and Payment Mode for vendors.
  3. Please note that a vendor record cannot be deleted if there are other records linked to it.

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