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Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Facilities & Maintenance/ Introduction

Function to define and manage space records with support for barcode, RFID and NFC ID technologies. Supersedes Location if Enterprise Asset Management module is also installed. The function can also be referred to as "Space" and the types can be defined and integrated using Location Type function.


  1. Existing Business Entity.
  2. Existing Customer Account.
  3. Existing Location Type.

Step Process

  1. From the homepage, go to module menu option.
  2. Navigate to "Asset & Maintenance > Asset > Location".
  3. The default locations are visible on the dashboard. To create a new location to be used, click on ”Create New”.
  4. Fill in location name, and business entity details. Any equipment and 3D Floor plans should be included under the remaining data tabs.
  5. Enter the remaining attributes  and click “Save" when done.


  1. All locations already defined within the system can be exported into a datasheet. 

Next Steps

  1. Define location types. 

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