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Customer Account Group (CAG)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Customer Relationship Management/ Introduction

The Customer Account Group function permits users to create a new customer account for billing purposes ie. to manage customer group account records. Any accounts under the same customer can be grouped for group processing. This includes having same correspondence address, payment terms, contract period, paying under same GIRO account, and even getting correspondences in a summary of format like group invoice summary, arrears reports instead of account notices.


  1. Existing Customer Account
  2. Existing customer contact details. 

Step Process

  1. From the homepage, go to module menu option.
  2. Navigate to "Customer Relationship > Customer Account Group".
  3. Choose from existing enquiries or click "Create New".
  4. Enter Account Group Name and Account Group Number.
  5. Select Account Status.
  6. Select existing Customer Name from the dropdown menu.
  7. Enter mailing address and mode of correspondence. 
  8. Enter cost center and billing related details in the Customer Accounts tab.
  9. If an existing customer group mailing address requires an update, this can be done in the "Mailing Address Update History" tab.  
  10. Attach any financial documents in the Attachments tab.
  11. Proceed to "Customers" and "GIRO" tabs.
  12. Click "Save and Close".


  1. Once a group account is set up for a specific business entity, individual accounts within the group will follow all the customer settings set up at the Group level. This means the account will lose any previously defined independent settings including credit terms and mailing addresses.
  2. The system allows a group customer account to be linked to a GIRO Account for a GIRO deduction purpose.
  3. The system allows for data extraction in Adobe PDF/Excel CSV or Word Docx format.

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