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Customer Account (CA)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Customer Relationship Management/ Introduction

The Customer Account function is used to create system records set up to group transactions pertaining to a specific contract or a purpose. Each customer account is kept separate from others for account management purposes. The separation prevents financial inconsistencies a new customer account for billing purposes. 




Such Customer Account record shall have its details associated to the Contractunit types, including the contracting Business Entity, associated Cost Center, Activity, and contractual terms like Late Payment Interest Rate, Credit Terms, etc. 
The System may create a “General” Customer Account for performing transactions general transactions like Facility Booking etc which has no specific contractual terms tied to the account. 
The System shall also allow Users to create Customer Account of "General" account type anytime for billing purpose. 
A Customer Account cannot be removed if there are other records (e.g. Lease) linked to it, and can be in active or inactive status.  Only active account can be used for AR transactions.
A Customer record can have one or more Customer Account(s) which the attributes of the business relationship and terms and conditions of doing business. 
A Customer Account is a system record that is set up to group transactions pertaining to a specific contract or a purpose together, so that each Customer Accounts remains arm’s length from other Customer Account() for account management purpose, eg revenue tracking and arrears recovery etc. 
Except for Customer is of "Miscellaneous" type, all Customer record in the System requires Customer Account to perform any Account Receivable Financial Transactions (AR Transactions) eg eg Invoicing, Credit Note, Collection etc, and a Customer marked as “Prospect” shall not be allowed to create any Customer Account. 

Step Process

  1. From the homepage, go to menu option
  2. Select "Customer Relationship  > Customer Account".
  3. Choose from existing enquiries or click "Create New".
  4. Enter Customer Account Name and Account Number.
  5. Select Account Status.
  6. Select existing Customer Name.
  7. Enter cost center and billing related details.
  8. Attach any financial documents in the Attachments tab.
  9. Proceed to "Customers" and "GIRO" tabs.
  10. Click "Save and Close".


  1. A unique Customer Account will be automatically created for every customer contract (e.g. Lease or License) created in the system. 
  2. The system allows for data extraction in Adobe PDF/Excel CSV or Word Docx format.

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