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Customer Relationship Management/ Introduction

The Enquiry function is used to submit an enquiry within the system for an efficient solution. The existing enquiry types are categorized into:

  1. Commercial/Office Space Enquiry
  2. General Enquiry
  3. Industrial/Warehousing Space Enquiry
  4. Retail Space Enquiry


  1. Existing Customer Account
  2. Existing customer contact details. 

Step Process

  1. From the homepage, go to module menu option.
  2. Select "Customer Relationship  > Brand Enquiry".
  3. Choose from existing enquiries or click "Create New".
  4. Choose Enquiry Type. The enquiry date is pre-populated but can be adjusted if necessary.
  5. Select a method of communication. Note it is possible to generate a reminder for the enquiry. 
  6. Select the Customer and a Customer contact. 
  7. Choose a specific method of communication. 
  8. Include any financial documents in the "Attachments" tab of the page. 
  9. Click "Save as Draft" and "Submit for Processing". You may be required to prompt the approver for approval. 


  1. The system allows for data extraction in Adobe PDF/Excel CSV or Word Docx format. 

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