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GTO Billing Approval

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Review GTO data in the system and create invoice for billing to Tenants. Validate reported GTO items via POS, manual upload, tenant submission or estimation.




1. From the homepage, go to Tenancy module.

2. Navigate to the GTO and select GTO Billing Approval.



1. Click Create New button.

2. Select the Business Entity, Building and Reporting Month.

3. Input the Date of Invoice.

4. Under the Summary, check whether all GTO items are reported under:

  • POS
  • Manual upload
  • Tenant submission
  • Estimation

5. Once done, click the Submit for Rent Calculation button.

Note: GTO will be computed for the related leases.

6. Under the Reported GTO Items, review the breakdown of the leases by which the GTO amounts are reported.

6. Once done, click the Submit for Submission button.

Note: After submission, modifications can still be made to the GTO record.

7. Once okay with the final GTO amounts, click the Submit for Approval button.



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