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-Leasable Space Upload

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Create or upload leasable spaces to be reserved and occupied in the tenancy module. Set the space name and location path, space type, design and dimensions, NLA sqm and type and pricing information.



1. From the homepage, go to Tenancy module.

2. Navigate to the Lease Space and select Lease Space Upload.



1. Click the Create New button.

2. Select the Site and Building from the list.

3. Add the leasable space details manually or via mass upload.

    a. Manual Add

  • Click the Add button.
  • Input the space name and select the location path from the list.
  • Select the space type and space design type.
  • Input activation and inactivation date.
  • Define space dimensions.
  • Define the NLA sqm and NLA type.
  • Set if provisional unit or not.
  • Set pricing information: minimum rental and measure type, asking rental and measure type.


    b. Mass Upload

  • Click the Download Template button.
  • Populate the template with the same information required in manual space creation.
  • Once completed, click the Upload Excel upload.

4. Once done, click the Submit for Approval button.



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