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Reversal of Customer Refund Voucher

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Cancel processed refunds in the system. This involves reversing all payments previously made to the customer.




1. From the homepage, go to Finance module.

2. Navigate to the Accounts Receivable and Reversal of Customer Refund Voucher.




1. Click the Create New button.

2. Select the Business Entity from the list.

3. Select the Reversal Date:

  • Approval Date
  • Original Document Date
  • Select Reversal Date

4. Input the Reversal Reason.

5. Add Refund Vouchers for reversal by clicking the Add Customer Refund Voucher(s) button and selecting the vouchers to reverse from the list.

6. Once done, click the Submit for Approval button.

7. Click the View Journal Transaction to review the adjusted journal entries.


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