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Code (GA04)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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General Administration / GA04

The Code object allows user to set up master data codes that can be used in the system by the various transactional objects such as Work, Case, PO, etc.  Fill up the details and click on “Save”.

To enable any of the dropdown box options, upload all options in the "Code" section of Simplicity's General Admin tab. 

1. From the homepage, go to menu option

2. Click "Admin"

3. Click "General Administration"

2. Click "Code"

To download a spreadsheet of all current options navigate to the main page and select "Download Excel Template"

Screenshot of: Click "Download Excel Template"

To enable a new dropdown option proceed with the following steps:

7. Click "Create New"

8. Enter the Code Name.

9. Select the correct category for the new field. 

10. Select the correct type.

11. Choose Start Date and End Date from the dropdown calendar. 


NOTE: If creating a large data set, Simplicity accepts large files under the attachments section. 

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