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Calendar (GA02)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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General Administration / GA02

This function allows the user to enter a specific set of holiday dates into the system. ex. public holidays.

Calendar should be set up for a specific purpose, eg for Leasing, for Maintenance WeekDays only exclude public holiday etc,. 
There is no need to tie a Calendar to specific year if there is no need for it, so that you do not need to update the functions or settings that points to a specific year annually. 


1. From the homepage, go to menu option

2. Click "Calendar"

3. Click "Create New"

5. Enter calendar name.

6. Select correct days. 

7. Click "Thursday"

9. Click "Add"

10. Enter name for the Holiday.

11. Enter the date for the Holiday.

12. Click "Update and New"


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