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Approval Process (WA02)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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User Administration / WA02

The Approval Process allows users to link the approval hierarchies created to all the objects available for approval.  These objects include Work, Case, PO, RFQ, Invoice, Contract, Budget, Budget Adjustment, etc. 

Note: If the Approval Process object is in used by the system objects such as Purchase Order, Work, etc, you cannot delete it.

1. From the homepage, go to menu option

2. Click on "Admin"

3. Click on "Workflow Administration"

2. Click "Approval Process"

3. To view existing objects navigate to the Object Type table. 

5. To create a new approval process click on "Create New" and fill in required details. 

6. Click "Save & Close"


Step Process


You can force the last approvers in an approval hierarchy to approve the task by using 999,999,999,999 (12-nines) as the approval limit, regardless of the task amount.

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