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GIRO Deduction Schedule

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Generate direct debit schedules for your business entities. This involves creation of automatic deduction dates based from the settings created in the system.




1. From the homepage, go to Finance module.

2. Navigate to the GIRO and GIRO Deduction Schedule.




1. Click the Create New button.

2. Select the business entity and year.

3. Click the generate button.

4. Review the generated schedule and dates.

5. Once okay, click the Submit for Approval button.




  • Banks do not deduct on non-working days. Should the deduction date fall on a public holiday or weekend, the actual deduction will take place on the next working day.
  • For each GIRO Deduction Date, the user is required to generate the IBG Files via the System and submit to the bank before the submission Cut-off Date.  The system will remind users to submit the IBG file 2 working days before the Deduction Date. 



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