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** BUG ** Payment Status Update

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Accounts Payable/ Introduction

The  Payment Status Update function is used to update vendor payment status to active or inactive.


Step Process

  1. From the homepage, go to module menu option.
  2. Select "Finance > Accounts Payable > Payment Status Update".
  3. Select existing payments to view an example from the table or click "Create New".
  4. Select Business Entity, Vendor and specific Payment Date.
  5. Enter Payee's contact details. 
  6. Select relevant payment mode. 
  7. Click on "Save as Draft" and "Submit for Approval."


  1. Please verify the payment instruction in Payment/ Refund Voucher(s) before submitting for approval.
  2. The payment data can be extracted in an Adobe PDF, Excel CSV or MS PowerPoint format. 

Next Steps

  1. AP Settings
  2. AP Payment Term
  3. AP Payment Mode
  4. Reversal Of Invoice From Vendor
  5. Reversal of Payment


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