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Dashboard (CHT)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Application Configuration / CHT

The Dashboard/Report Builder allows users to design dashboard charts, reports (Spreadsheetâ„¢ or based on RDL/ Crystal Reports templates) and to schedule delivery of specific reports according to a preset schedule.

The Dashboard function hosts a series of interactive charts that display real-time statistics from the database. These charts have built-in access control and can be made unique for individual organizational roles.


Step Process

  1. From the homepage, go to menu option
  2. Select "Admin"
  3. Select "Dashboard"
  4.  Click "Create New"

4. Enter Dashboard Name

5. Enter Dashboard Category.

6. Add any specific filters.

7. Proceed to the Query, Display, Color Palette tabs to personalize the required Dashboard.

8. Click "Save & Exit"


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