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Adding a Role (UA01)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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User Administration / UA01

In Simplicity roles perform three key functions. They define:

1) which application functions can be accessed by the user, and at what level of rights (Create, View All, Edit All, Delete All);

2) who can act at what stages of workflow processes;

3) who can view which reports.

Relationship between Roles, Workflow, Functions and Reports


A Role can be used by multiple workflow processes and be mapped to multiple application functions and reports.  Similarly, multiple Roles can be used by the same workflow process, and the same application function/ report can be mapped to multiple Roles. 


Step Process

1. From the homepage, go to menu option

2. Click "Admin"

3. Click "User Administration"

4. Click "Role"

5. Click "Create New"

6. Enter role code.

7. Enter role name. 

8. Navigate to 'Functions' and enter specific user roles. 

9. Navigate to 'Reports' and select relevant permissions.

10. Click "Save and Close"

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