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OUser Role Position Assignment (UA05)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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User Administration / UA05

Position represents a Role mapped to sets of data constraints (called "Data Contexts").  Examples of Data Contexts include locations, departments, projects, etc.  For example, a Position mapped to Finance Department will restrict access to only data related to the Finance Department.

Roles are not directly mapped to Users.  Instead they are mapped via an interim concept called a Position


Note: If the workflow has not been published to the workflow repository, the assignment of a user role position will not be possible. 


Step Process

1. From the homepage, go to menu option

2. Click "Admin"

3. Click "User Administration"

4. Click "OUserRolePositionAssignment"

5. View the available user role positions. 


Note: The available positions can be exported into a report int Excel CSV/PDF format.


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