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Adding a Vendor User (UA04)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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User Administration / UA04


Step Process1. From the homepage, go to menu option

2. Click "Admin"

3. Click "User Administration"

4. Click "Vendor User"

5. Click "Create New"

6. Enter the user's name. 

7. Click this text field.

8. Select the vendor from the dropdown list. 

9. Enter Account Type

10. Enter Description

11. Select User's Language. 

12. Click here.

13. Click "Save and Close"

15. Navigate to Positions.

16. Add role name.

17. Navigate to Credentials

18. Enter user's login name.

16. Click "Login Name*:"

19. Click "Yes, generate a new password and send it via e-mail to the user when I save."

21. To enter a comment about the vendor user select the "Comments" category.

22. Click 'Create New'

22. To enter an attachment proceed to the 'Attachments' tab.

23. Click 'Add New'

23. Click "Summary" to view information about the vendor user.

24. Click "Save and Close"


Note: User accounts can be deactivated with the 'Inactive Account' option under the 'Credentials'. 'Yes, inactivate this account so that user CANNOT log on to the system." heading. 


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