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Notification Process (NA03)

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Notification Administration / NA03

This function allows the user to send a notification to either a specific user or all system users. It will be visible in the notifications menu on the home page. 


Step Process

To generate a system wide notification, replicate the following steps: 

1. Navigate to   2. Enter your use credentials Login Name & Password
  3. Scroll through available modules until Communication is visible. 
4. Click Notification Administration 
5. Click Create New  

6. Click Start

7. Choose from three options, Milestones, Hierarchy or Process.

Description: A description for the milestone. This is for information only and has no impact on the notifications.

Expected Field: If the field name (or column name) of this object is NULL, the system considers the milestone as not met and sends notifications based on the timings set up in the notification process. Eg., AcknowledgementDateTime (this field is set when the user acknowledges a Work order). Date/Time

Limit Field: The system auto-fills this field of the object by adding the timing (set up in the notification process) and the value stored in the object's reference field, which can be used in reports to determine if service levels have been met. Eg. AcknowledgementLimitDateTime.

Reference Field: Used as a reference to compute the date/time limit. Usually this refers to a field in the object that contains the scheduled start date/time or target completion date/time. Eg., ScheduledStartDateTime

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