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Intro to Digital Twins

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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As the enterprise begins to understand how its buildings and assets have performed in the past, implementing data analytics can provide insight into how assets are operating in the present. Identifying trends towards potential asset failures, high energy consumption, increasing vacancy or low footfall and turnover sales is an essential step during risk assessment, enabling the correct maintenance or asset strategies to drive the best outcome.


What is it and what are the main benefits? 

Digital Twin allows businesses to create a virtual representation of a physical asset while visualizing its current state, performance, and maintenance history. Our software also offers predictive maintenance capabilities. By analyzing the data collected from the Digital Twin model, businesses can identify patterns and predict when maintenance is needed helping them to reduce downtime, extend the life of their assets, and save money on maintenance costs.

By creating a virtual representation of an asset, businesses can share information with stakeholders across the organization, including engineers, maintenance teams, and executives. This collaboration can help ensure that everyone has access to the same information and can work together to optimize operations.


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