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What is the Data Structure ?

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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Simplicity uses a relational database structure to organize and store its data. A relational database structure stores data in a tabular form, with each row representing a record and each column representing a field within that record.

The data in the Simplicity database is organized into tables, with each table representing a specific type of information related to real estate management, such as properties, tenants, leases, financial data, and maintenance records.

The relationships between the different tables in the Simplicity database are defined through the use of primary and foreign keys. A primary key is a unique identifier that is used to identify each record in a table, while a foreign key is a field that links one table to another by referencing the primary key of another table.

By using a relational database structure, our complex software ensures that data is organized efficiently and can be accessed and manipulated quickly and easily. It also enables powerful data analysis and reporting capabilities, allowing our clients to gain valuable insights into their real estate portfolios and make informed decisions based on that data.

Our Simplicity database also provides backup and recovery features, allowing businesses to quickly recover data in the event of data loss or system failure.

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