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What is Simplicity ERP ?

Warren Hamilton
Warren Hamilton
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In today's digital age it can be challenging to choose the right enterprise software solution for your organization's needs. Simplicity® is Southeast Asia’s leading, and globally most comprehensive and technologically advanced real estate and facilities management software solution designed to simplify the management of complex assets and digital processes. It comprises multiple management modules including but not limited to; real estate management, leasing & marketing, accounting & finance, facilities and maintenance as well as tenant management. 


What makes it special?

Simplicity software is highly configurable, allowing our clients to customize it to fit their specific needs and enabling them to adapt to changing business requirements and improve their operations continually.

The software is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, even for non-technical users. This feature is particularly important because it eliminates the need for extensive training, allowing users to get up and running quickly. If a specific use case is required, requests can be made directly to our implementation consultants. 

Another major benefit of Simplicity software is its ability to integrate with other enterprise systems. This feature is particularly useful because it allows businesses to streamline their processes and reduce duplication of effort. By integrating with other systems, Simplicity software can provide a more comprehensive view of asset management, which can help businesses make better decisions.


Hosting facilities

Anacle currently hosts its systems in Singapore. We administer and manage our own hardware. The system can also be integrated with AWS, MS Azure and Oracle to achieve a seamless transition between existing setups. As your business grows and your needs change, we can easily scale our hosting services to meet your requirements. 



Our developers are employed by Anacle at our Singaporean headquarters and work closely together with international departments in India and Australia. Any new requests or features are implemented in new releases of the product and are made available at  


Overall, Anacle Systems' Simplicity software is a powerful tool for businesses looking to simplify their asset management processes. Its user-friendly interface, configurability, integration capabilities, and reporting features make it an excellent choice for businesses across various industries. If you're looking for an enterprise asset management system that can help you streamline your operations and improve your bottom line, Simplicity software is certainly worth considering.

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